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#6 Re: Announcements » EagleGet v2.0.4.22 Stable (Updated:April 30, 2017) » 2017-05-05 10:12:45

I can't seem to capture the videos from the website: https://muchohentai.com (I mean, not the streaming download links), the idm will capture in TS format.

#7 General » Little doubt » 2016-12-24 12:39:44

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When I configured the number of downloads in parallel in the Eagleget options, does this only work for downloading in the window in the queue?

#10 Re: Announcements » EagleGet v2.0.4.16 Stable (Updated:October 12, 2016) » 2016-10-13 10:30:31

eagleget wrote:
Havokdan wrote:

My antivirus beep:


sorry for the inconvenience, we have reported it to the ironsource, it will be take off.

a notice will be posted or there will be a new version without this problem?

#12 Re: Report Bugs » eagleget plugin in firefox crashes » 2016-09-26 23:01:10

Download button dont stay in toolbar for all browsers?

#13 Re: General » Download Button In Firefox Missing » 2016-09-16 13:46:46

It's hard to help when we can't reproduce the problem with us. The way is to wait for the next version.

#14 Re: Report Bugs » windows 10 RS1 program compatibility » 2016-08-25 10:34:34

Well, I'm using the latest version of Eagleget and is operating normally in my browsers on windows 10. Perhaps trying to reinstall the application solves.

#16 Re: Report Bugs » version 2.04.13 continuously crahes » 2016-08-14 09:14:15

Works well here, in Windows 10 x64, best version in 2.x series, usable now for me.

#20 Re: Report Bugs » List of downloads will be disappeared when my computer crashes » 2015-07-17 10:59:28

Strange, has a Web site where I download songs, it only allowed a section or segment to download the file, configure both the EagleGet to use one segment and I disable the pre-download function and gives error in Eagleget, as in FDM I set to use only one section and the download happens successfully. I wonder what would it be?

The site requires registration, the address is that: www.mp3.animaniaclub.com.br

#22 Re: General » infected » 2015-07-17 10:55:35

Jackuars, will see the result is not possible through the application installer analysis but during installation, it happened to me in a version using kaspersky

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