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#1 Report Bugs » DHT Option is it Bugged/On-Purpose, Unable to Disable it ?! » 2018-09-14 17:38:35

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Hello EG Team,

I wanted to inform you that, the DHT option when you un-tick it and confirm it and the setting windows is closed, its internally reticking or getting activated itself.

As i can see you people are forcing the Software and Clients to use it.

Because this DHT is not simple and i know what does it do, and you guys obviously, but this gimmick is not a goodway for you guys to force it.

Hope you guys be fair and straight, because as i said above that's cheating or is it bugged or something else.

Sorry to say, if its not fixed and it's on purpose then it's a goodbye.

I was trying your software as i found its better than others, but when i saw this option keeps on enabling permanently and just tricking us, think no one has re-checked on it after disabling.

GoodLuck with the initiate.


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