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#1 Re: Report Bugs » Chrome Extension Not Working Because of don't monitor option! » 2019-01-02 10:34:47

Manually add these auto-downloading links to the exclusion list in EagleGet configuration which works better.

#2 Re: Report Bugs » Problem with Queues! » 2019-01-02 10:33:28

The links could be expired. You might want to right click on the download task and then click on "Refresh download link" to continue/resume the download.

#3 Re: Announcements » EagleGet v2.0.4.90 Stable (Updated:Nov 2, 2018) » 2018-12-27 05:33:44

Kushairi wrote:

EagleGet no longer able to download videos in YouTube. The plugin installed (Chrome and Mozilla) cannot detect played videos in YouTube. Hope you can fix this problem asap. TQ!

Check if Media Grabber in Eagleget is able to capture them for now.

#4 Re: Report Bugs » File Not Downloading & Showing Unknow Size » 2018-12-17 05:58:19

If the extension fails to capture or download Youtube videos, you can use MediaGrabber feature in EagleGet UI to download them.

To continue download when the links are expired you can right click on the download task and click Refresh download address to resume it.

When certain sites do not allow downloading with multiple threads as in your example with the screenshot, you can click on "Connection" in the left side bar and then set the no:of threads for that download site as 1 instead of 8.

#5 Re: General » Solved! How to uninstall portable EagleGet (from tray)? » 2018-12-17 05:55:18

Delete the EagleGet folder where you extracted the portable version to.

#6 Re: Report Bugs » Interruption due to automatic prompt of new download task » 2018-11-28 03:29:52

In the new download dialog box, click on "Dont Monitor this site" to the bottom left and it will stop auto-downloading those .Ts files

#7 Re: Feature Requests » Add quick button to enable/disbale quiclkly mutithreading » 2018-11-28 03:27:01

When a new download dialog pops up, you can click on the small arrow icon at the bottom and click on Connection to the left side-bar and change the number of threads as required.

#8 Re: Report Bugs » Eagleget consumes many resources and the machine becomes very slow » 2018-11-14 06:31:42

Uninstall the previous version and while installing the latest version select "Use with Ads" instead of "Use my computer resources" at the end of installation procedure.

#9 Re: Report Bugs » Pressing Cancel for a torrent file download box perma deletes folder » 2018-11-14 06:29:47

This seems to be a bug, can you please report directly to support@eagleget.com

#10 Re: Feature Requests » Add an option to disable torrent functionality to lighten the system » 2018-11-06 06:39:12

You can disable it from preferences section->BT Section-Disable DHT.

#11 Re: Report Bugs » more eagleget bugs » 2018-10-30 07:30:00

Click on Do not monitor this site. This works for time being.

#12 Re: Report Bugs » Impossible to download videos from dailymotion » 2018-10-30 07:28:48

Try using the media grabber from EagleGet to download from Dailymotoin

#13 Re: Announcements » EagleGet v2.0.4.80 Stable (Updated:Sept 18, 2018) » 2018-10-30 07:26:12

Hi max

You can use Do not monitor this site, option for time being.

#14 Re: Report Bugs » DHT Option is it Bugged/On-Purpose, Unable to Disable it ?! » 2018-09-24 10:51:45

Must be a bug. DHT is used for storing peer ip addresses for "trackerless" torrents. It's used to download torrents.

#15 Re: Report Bugs » Eagleget consumes many resources and the machine becomes very slow » 2018-09-24 10:49:16

During installation of the previous version, did you check the option for showing free ads or use your computer resources?

#16 Re: General » new EagleGet full of malware what wore you thinking » 2018-09-24 10:47:02

A good decision to remove Luminati and include 360TS as a recommendation (which is a well-known and safe antivirus) in it's installer.

#17 Re: Report Bugs » Download from Youtube is not Working !!! » 2018-08-14 14:30:00

For now you can use the Media Grabber to download Youtube videos, because Youtube changes it's code time and again to prevent detection from download managers.

#19 Re: Report Bugs » Eagleget exception » 2018-08-09 05:01:57

kltpzyxmrm wrote:

I was kinda hoping that with installing (not portable) this integration problem would be addressed.

Any chance this will be worked on in the future?

Which browser & version?

#20 General » Suggestions: Monetizing to continue development of EagleGet » 2018-08-08 13:03:22

Replies: 1

For over 6 years EagleGet has been free for it's users and will continue to be so. From my earlier experience, EagleGet doesn't plan to create a feature-limited software with a paid option and discriminate it's users by giving an option for a restricted software. Many software's in the past has resorted to this move once they gained popularity and their freeware versions became a crippled product compared to their paid option.

But this adamant move to keep the software Free comes at a cost as they need resources & money to keep the development of the product alive. And hence EagleGet started to include sponsored offers & ads to recover the development costs. Now this move had a mixed response, with some users continuing to stick with EagleGet's decision while some users haven't been happy.

The sole purpose of this thread is to get the users opinions on different ways to recover the costs required to keep developing the product as well as make the users satisfied with the move. This way it would be a win-win situation.

#21 Re: General » new EagleGet full of malware what wore you thinking » 2018-08-06 05:22:39

While costs to endure have been the reason for this move, I use the Free (Ads) option that displays a non-intrusive small static ad for iNewTab, a Chrome extension developed by EagleGet, on the bottom left of the main UI.

This way it doesn't use my processor resources. You have an option here, unlike most other freeware softwares out there that doesn't give one.

Help Eagleget to keep this software Free is a thread that I decided to create when EagleGet started including ads to recover the development costs, because I felt it could turn out to be a problem for some folks.

#22 Re: General » The "How To" thread » 2018-07-23 05:54:21


A while back YouTube started using the DASH format for 480p and 1080p videos where the multimedia file is partitioned into 1 or more segments and delivered to a client using HTTP. Now instead of a single multimedia file  there are 2 separate files for audio and video. At the moment EagleGet cannot merge them together automatically using default settings. So we've added a facility to download both the audio and the video, and uses the FFMPeg plugin to merge them together. The following steps will help you to do this.

1. Go to Configuration from the EagleGet interface


2. Switch to Automation tab


3. Click on "Download FFMpeg" and wait for it to finish downloading
4. Check if the path to FFMpeg downloaded has been set right in the Location folder by clicking the "Browse" button.
5. Click done and reload the Youtube video.

#23 Re: General » The "How To" thread » 2018-07-23 05:44:52


Use the extension itself that highlights in RED when it detect videos playing in the browser.


#24 General » The "How To" thread » 2018-07-23 05:43:52

Replies: 3

To help others especially the newbies with various settings of EagleGet, this is a "how-to do this" thread where you can explain with screenshots or video to teach them the same.

I will link to each content from the main thread post.

How to

  1. Download videos with Eagleget

  2. Download 480p & 1080p videos with audio

#25 Re: Report Bugs » Eagleget not downloading audio from youtube on mp4 files » 2018-07-23 05:40:56

To download 480p or 1080p videos with audio you need to enable FFMpeg from EagleGet settings

http://forum.eagleget.com/viewtopic.php … 660#p15660

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