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#1 Re: Report Bugs » cant download video » 2015-05-04 08:43:44

confirmed. There is no problem with chrome, but on Firefox 36 and Opera 30 it's not working.

#2 Re: Report Bugs » problem in downloading from rtmp protocol » 2014-10-03 08:58:18

Thanks MisterJ, even in version that it supports rtmp protocol, I'm unable to either capture or download it using Eagleget.

#3 Report Bugs » failure on getting the correct download name » 2014-05-19 18:03:40

Replies: 1

EG has problem on getting the correct download name on some sites, one as below.

Open this link and play the movie.


at first, it retrieves the correct name, in Farsi (Persian), but after few seconds it changes to English numbers and characters.

this problem was existed also in earlier versions, and now reproducing on v2 alpha.
Windows 8.1 x64 English
Opera 22.0.1471.34

#4 Re: Report Bugs » "EagleGet needs your permission to run." in every website » 2014-02-02 13:10:17

There is no "EagleGet UCM" at Extensions page of Chrome, for me. EG and Chrome 32.

#5 Report Bugs » problem in downloading from rtmp protocol » 2013-12-27 22:18:14

Replies: 2

As it seems, EG has problem in downloading from rtmp protocol.
in my case head over to this page:


click on Watch It Now for IELTS part and at the new page, neither a pop up from EG comes to notify about download, nor EG can download links grabbed by IDM while they could be downloaded easily by IDM.

Please have a look and fix it.

Win 8.1 x64
Chrome 31

#6 Re: Report Bugs » Crash report » 2013-11-30 21:44:46

Dear John, I got no freezing, just a crash happened,
I'll wait and see what will be changed in upcoming releases.

#7 Re: Feature Requests » "Edit properties" is removed! » 2013-11-30 20:25:35

I hope it comes back again in a way working, because It wasn't working thoroughly before and losing something that is not working is not pity, but the feature itself is good and I'm waiting for it to be implemented.

#8 Report Bugs » Crash report » 2013-11-30 20:18:45

Replies: 3

Started to download a Gmail attachment from Google Chrome which was set to use TOR socks proxy via "SwitchySharp" extension on HTTPS protocol (using "Https every where" extension),

I also set EG to the same IP/Port as Socket Proxy,

after the download transferred automatically to EG and downloading began for half, then EG crashed and here is the dump file :


Win 8 x64
EG Stable (installed, no portable)


#9 Report Bugs » EG doesn't support resuming for this link » 2013-10-24 05:59:30

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EG neither supports resuming for the link below, nor shows a message regarding Not Resumable link.


It shows "Download Aborted" when I start it after a pause and if I try again to start, it begins from the scratch.

Win 8 x64

#10 Re: Farsi Discussion » IDM » 2013-10-19 16:45:35

Post#1 in English.

Hi guys,
IDM was installed in my office and whenever it was downloading(IDM), neither Yahoo, nor Google pages were opened. Yahoo Messenger did't sign in even. you know why?
I set to uninstall it, but a message showed up regarding "Internet protocol has been changed".
Will be grateful if you help me in this respect.
Of-course I'm pleased with EG since I get it installed.

#11 Re: Report Bugs » EG crashes while refreshing this download link » 2013-10-19 16:37:26

yes, John.
I have sent it already. but for your interest here it is. Two different dumps for this problem.


#12 Re: Report Bugs » EG crashes while refreshing this download link » 2013-10-19 04:16:25

EG also doesn't resume on this link while the link is resumable.

#13 Report Bugs » EG crashes while refreshing this download link » 2013-10-19 04:05:44

Replies: 4

EG crashes while refreshing this download link


it starts downloading at first, and about 45% of the progress it showed a message regarding refreshing download link and after I allowed, it crashed.

Win 8 pro x64

#14 General » suggestion for v1.0.8 » 2013-10-09 20:40:33

Replies: 1

It's getting better and better. Thanks for all your efforts, developers and helpers.

I've 2 tiny suggestions:

1. Please shift the place of "Automatically resume downloads on startup" to "Automation" section.


2. "Downloading" is not completely showed at "Automation" section.

http://imagehostinghosting.com/?di=6138134709214 P2
Win8 x64
1920x1200 screen resolution

#16 Report Bugs » EG remained Paused after power outage » 2013-10-04 18:44:20

Replies: 4

EG was downloading that a power outage took place, after powering on and logging in windows again, EG remained paused as it could be seen at the image below.
My though was that it should be a bug that despite the EG is set to auto-start with windows, it didn't resume the jobs it was proceeding earlier (links are resumable).

Win 8 X64
EG 1.1.08 Preview


#20 Re: Report Bugs » Crash while downloading from this link_EG[FIXED] » 2013-09-26 14:02:44

Thanks eagleget. I confirm that 2. doesn't start this task automatically is fixed now.

#21 Re: Report Bugs » Crash while downloading from this link_EG[FIXED] » 2013-09-25 20:12:12

John, Yes, The file name and its size should be respectively v4knatdu3f44.exe and 302 KB.

#22 Re: Report Bugs » Crash while downloading from this link_EG[FIXED] » 2013-09-25 17:30:23

eagleget, the link from Post#1 is a sample which its screenshots are posted in Post#10. I'll add more samples when it happened again.

the same problem with P2:



PS. I have to clarify that this problem was existed even in v1.1.0.6

#23 Re: Report Bugs » Crash while downloading from this link_EG[FIXED] » 2013-09-25 04:01:49

I confirm that it's fixed now ( Preview). But there is a weird problem. EG doesn't give me the file-size and the correct name at new-download window(1st. screen-shot) and doesn't start it automatically and shows "Download Aborted" error (2nd. screen-shot). I have to manually click on Download button to start it.(3rd. screen-shot)






#24 Re: Report Bugs » Crash while downloading from this link_EG[FIXED] » 2013-09-20 18:35:11

Thanks John for the info. Though I'm using Chrome* besides Opera** (my default browser) and I've never used IE. mentioned just to clarify if it's needed for developers.

* The latest Dev edition, currently 31.0.1636.2 m Aura
** The latest Next edition, currently 17.0.1241.18

#25 Re: Report Bugs » Crash while downloading from this link_EG[FIXED] » 2013-09-20 16:16:56

I don't see any dump generating or don't know where if it creates privately, John. But what happens to me is like the screenshots and nothing happens after I click "Close Program".





Do not run the file Please. As it seems its an adware downloader. I encountered it when I tried downloading the link below:


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