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#1 2013-12-10 19:22:50

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EG isn't working

I installed the latest version of EG and used Chrome to visit YouTube.  When I watch a video, EG never offers to download it, and I don't see a download button on the screen.  If I click Add Download and paste the URL, EG saves a very small file like 100 kb that is just a link to the web page.  Why doesn't it save the whole file?  I went to Configuration/Monitoring and made sure Universal Capture is turned on for all browsers.  I clicked Reset and restarted Chrome, but there's no change. The same thing happens with Firefox.

Is there a conflict with other download programs?  I have a couple installed.  Do I need to uninstall them to make EG work?

Thanks for your help.


#2 2013-12-10 19:45:17

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Re: EG isn't working

Thanks, songsmith and welcome. I have tested many DL Managers and have always had only one installed at a time.  I suspect having multiple managers installed is confusing to say the least.  I would recommend that you remove all but EagleGet and see how it goes.  Please open a thread in Report Bugs to continue this conversation.  Tell us what version of EG, Windows and browser you are using.

If I click Add Download and paste the URL

What URL are you pasting?  If it is the web page URL, then you are DLing the page .html file (open with a text editor, e.g. notepad).  Have you tried pasting the page URL into the EG Video Sniffer.  This will probably work with multiple DL Managers installed.  Clicking Reset on the Configuration page will reset all settings to default.  Assuming you remove the other DLMs and still have a problem, then please remove the EG plugins from Firefox and Chrome and then do a Drag-n-Drop on the EG plugins.  Please let us hear in Report Bugs how it goes.  Enjoy, John.


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