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#1 2015-01-04 15:54:01

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Eagleget v2.0.2.7 - Traditional Chinese Translation

Thank you for updating a new version
Some bugs have been fixed, it still in my preference a good useful downloader
Despite there still some bugs and errors, but I expect it will be fixed soon.
The same problem like the last time I mentioned,
some text are not being translated!!! (Even change that text in .xml translation file, it seems no effect)
I have translate the .xml language file and I've sent it to your support e-mail.
Please reply if you have got the mail. Otherwise I'll resend it.

The text untraslated/cannot be translated, like:

In Media Grabber window:

  • Please input video url (The search bar without entering anything)

  • xx.xx GB Free (The Free text if it could be translated)

In the main EagleGet window:

  • Skin (The text showing after moving the mouse pointer above it)

  • Option (The same as above)

In Option-->Export and Import:

  • From .egt file

In Option-->Language:

  • More... (Have found it in translation file but it does not change this text)

In Option-->Configuration-->Site Manager:

  • Site

  • User

  • Password

In the main EagleGet window-->Queue:

  • Default (After clicking queue it shows up)

In Video Sniffer window:

  • Select Video Format to Filter (the bar under the video format)

  • Name

  • Type

  • Size

  • URL

  • Free (The same reason as above)

I've send some screenshot showing text mentioned above.


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