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#1 2015-01-09 23:30:38

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Eagleget v2.0.2.8 - Traditional Chinese Translation

Thank you for updating a new version
Some bugs have been fixed, it still in my preference a good useful downloader
Despite there still some bugs and errors, but I expect it will be fixed soon.
The same problem like the last time I mentioned,
some text are not being translated!!! (Even change that text in .xml translation file, it seems no effect)

It's getting better with newer upgrades (that's upgrade used for XDD)
It's being my third translation, trying to keep up translated the newer version for all Chinese Traditional users.
I have translate the .xml language file and I've sent it to your support e-mail.
Please reply if you have got the mail. Otherwise I'll resend it.

The text untraslated/cannot be translated, like:

In Media Grabber window:

  • Quality (After grabbing a media to download, it shows its details)

  • Extension (The same as above)

  • Size (The same as above)

  • Site (The same as above)

  • xx.xx GB Free (The Free text if it could be translated)

In the main EagleGet window:

  • Remaining (When downloading a file, below the download progress bar)

In the main EagleGet window-->Queue-->Manage Queue:

  • Default (After clicking the gear button near queue)

  • Are you sure you want to delete this schedule? The tasks will be removed from the schedule queue? (After deleting a queue)

In Video Sniffer window:

  • Toggle (After clicking the triangle button at the end of the bar under the video format)

  • URL

  • Free (The same reason as above)

In Option-->Configuration-->Site Manager-->Add:

  • IDS_SITE_CAPTION (Didn't find it in the .xml translation file, maybe a new text)

In the main EagleGet window-->Any Downloaded File Details (The right botton of each downloaded file)-->Log:

  • Last-Modified (and its contents)

  • Content-Type (and its contents)

  • Date (and its contents)

  • Expires (and its contents)

  • ...All remaining texts (and its contents)

I've send some screenshot showing text mentioned above.

Fixed text in previous version, like:

In Media Grabber window:

  • Please input video url (The search bar without entering anything)

In the main EagleGet window:

  • Skin (The text showing after moving the mouse pointer above it)

  • Option (The same as above)

In Option-->Export and Import:

  • From .egt file

In Option-->Language:

  • More... (Have found it in translation file but it does not change this text)

In Option-->Configuration-->Site Manager:

  • Site

  • User

  • Password

In the main EagleGet window-->Queue:

  • Default (After clicking queue it shows up)

In Video Sniffer window:

  • Select Video Format to Filter (the bar under the video format)

  • Name

  • Type

  • Size

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