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#1 2015-05-22 04:48:49

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Chrome插件导致网页崩溃-------Chrome plugin causing the page to crash

Chrome v43.0.2357.65
EagleGet v2.0.3.8
System Win10x64-10122


If Chrome plug-in is enabled, it will cause the page to crash, if you disable the normal, crashes the plugin seems to have detected the downloadable video files, and I've already disabled in the EagleGet video sniffing, crashes involving multiple Web sites, your traceability/fix the problem you can try to open this website www.alipay.com
Hoping to fix the problem or provide a solution
In addition, consider whether it could flat style design elements, changed the download monitor the appearance of the floating window and the main program's overall aesthetic, and narrow down the left sidebar icon-only features
(Just have Icon! No Text!)
Thank you

By Bing translator


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