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#1 2016-02-08 17:23:18

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new and more modern UI

so, my proposal is like... making a new program. IT IS NOT a simple change. I took a lot of time to make it, so, I hope I help the company OR other person on an idea for a program.

so, this is the current UI:
FluxBB bbcode test

which I find ugly. the UI is good, but... I was not satisfied with it. besides that, I made my own UI (I used EG logo on it, I don't mean to cause any trouble, the logo was just to say where I would place it since the UI is for EG and has not any other purpose).
this is a simple image, based on a music player I use, representing the completed downloads page:
FluxBB bbcode test

there it is... my custom UI made for EG. I have nothing else because of a reason: it's a huge change, it's like making a new program to apply my ideas and EG will most likely ignore it. yet I made and post here to whose want to start their own program creations or to give some ideas.


icons are getting outdated for me. I, personally, don't like to waste my time to read the description of the icon. if you go back to the first image (EG original interface), when I saw it, I was like: what tha hell are those last 3 icons on the upper banner? so, I believe well made, readable and well placed text is better than icons. than, big text to make a better reading. I look to the original UI and I think: why are they afraid of making huge buttons? LOL
than, EG original UI has things I would not agree to. first, has the button to change the skin on it's main page (the top corner button). it's unnecessary. people won't use it every day... than, those Default buttons on the program (left banner below queues) that I still think: what is that used for anyway?... and than let's talk about banners: banners are not used anymore...

nowadays, especially because of metro (windows 8 and above), flat surfaces are pumping. each time I test a new program comes with less banners, less shadows, etc. it seems that what is pumping nowadays is flat as paper. and I agree with it, because it's simpler not only to make but also to read/use.

so, my concept is very simple, and I will now describe it.
FluxBB bbcode test

1- you know what it is tongue . instead of being like IDM and have downloading, queues and downloaded all mixed up, I separated them (like on the original EG UI), because I think it's better that way in questions of organization. when you click on Downloading or any of the other otions given on number 1, the option you chose is meant to become white, while the others will remain gray. it's useful to identify the tab you are on. I think those are the only ones that any download manager should have, nothing more.

2- the list of downloads. I thought about a non-movable title (name, size, etc). so I centered everything with a fixed size and position. yet, for example on the description, the information can go till it reaches the limit of the other title at it's side (date finished in this case, but it has some space between them to prevent text from being in front of other text). when it reach the limit, the text would have like a fade out animation or something that can't interfere on the other titles.

3- the options given. each tab from the position 1 would have it's own options here.

well, this is my idea, tell me what you think about it or if you have any questions about it, please ask tongue
I am not saying that EG should have my UI, that was an example, based on what I like and what I see while using my programs.

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#2 2016-02-09 19:37:18

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Re: new and more modern UI

Have you tried Download Ninja? The concept art reminds me of it.

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#3 2016-02-20 15:57:54

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Re: new and more modern UI

yes i think this resemble DN in certain area


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