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#1 2016-04-09 19:25:27

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Translation Portuguese (europe)

I made this translation, seems that this translation is mixed between Portuguese from Europe and Portuguese from Brazil, so it needs lot's of improvements on that, it needs to become a full Portuguese (Europe) translation.
this translation has to improve (a lot). The translation needs revisions and the changes I made are not tested on EagleGet, didn't had time. anyway, I only re-translated some words and I translated also a bunch of entries on the end of the xml file.

the .xml file is stored here (name: PortugueseEU.xml / size:42KB):
https://mega.nz/#!Kgky1RrK!PXhncNbQ92-j … IefJ-1v_1k

I decided not to send the translation via email because it's lacking a lot on quality (I am a very demanding person on what concerns to quality). but, if someone on eagleget want's to add the translations into the installation package who am I to judge? I classify the translation with a reasonable quality.

also, I could have missed some entries translation, it's just a big file to translate and I don't really have a lot of time. also I noticed that in some areas EG just does not has space to put text and that is causing trouble because my language can use very big words...

if anybody from Portugal want's to use the translation, you only need to download and paste the translation here: C:\ProgramData\EagleGet\skins\languages
the translation is updated for the current version: stable. I didn't bother to improve the translation any further because it seems that EG will have a new UI according to eagleget.com. the screenshots on the website are different than the current released UI, maybe it's screenshots from BETA EG...

I am new to the forum, been using EG for a while and decided to keep it and now I am here sharing the translation. could not find any rules about the forum, so I don't know if I am allowed to share links or something...


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