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#1 2016-04-23 20:04:12

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Eagleget v2.0.4.10 - Traditional Chinese Translation

Thank you for updating this new version
I have translated the .xml language file and I've sent it to the following e-mail (support@eagleget.com)
Please reply it if you have got the translation. Otherwise I'll resend it.


  • New texts translated.

  • New version changelog translated.

Thank you for using my translation for EagleGet.
If you find out any problem about this translation please ask.

What's new in version v2.0.4.10 Stable?
  1. Fixed network driver for capturing downloads.
  2. Fixed improper download progress display under certain circumstances.
  3. Fixed refresh download function for YouTube.
  4. Fixed an issue related to sorting files.
  5. Fixed other known problems.

穩定版 v2.0.4.10 有什麼更新呢?
  1. 修正網路驅動程式獲取下載問題。
  2. 修正在某些狀況下顯示不正確的下載進度。
  3. 修正對 Youtube 的刷新下載功能。
  4. 修正有關檔案排序的問題。
  5. 修正其他已知問題。


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