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#1 2016-06-05 16:52:02

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Eagleget v2.0.4.11 - Traditional Chinese Translation

Thank you for updating this new version
I have translated the .xml language file and I've sent it to the following e-mail (support@eagleget.com)
Please reply it if you have got the translation. Otherwise I'll resend it.


  • New texts translated.

  • New version changelog translated.

Thank you for using my translation for EagleGet.
If you find out any problem about this translation please ask.

What's new in version v2.0.4.11 Stable?
  1. Added support for Proxy Auto-Config (PAC).
  2. Added the feature to batch import downloads to specified queue.
  3. Optimized download engine for HTTPS protocol.
  4. Optimized browser integrations.
  5. Fixed downloads stuck on 99%.
  6. Fixed minor bugs.

穩定版 v2.0.4.11 有什麼更新呢?
  1. 新增對 代理自動配置 (PAC) 的支援。
  2. 新增批量匯入下載到指定排程的功能。
  3. 優化對 HTTPS 協議的下載引擎。
  4. 優化瀏覽器的擴充功能。
  5. 修正下載停留在 99% 的問題。
  6. 修正其他已知錯誤。


#2 2018-04-30 11:11:01

From: USA
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Re: Eagleget v2.0.4.11 - Traditional Chinese Translation

I also wanted to thank you for the shared post! It's appreciated! I value the efforts introduced.


#3 2018-07-05 09:20:10

From: USA
Registered: 2018-07-05
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Re: Eagleget v2.0.4.11 - Traditional Chinese Translation

Hello. Thank you very much for the program EagleGet. I use it recently, but I'm delighted! Convenient, free, with a clear interface program, the file loader. It's great that you constantly improve it and make it even more convenient. Good luck, keep it up!

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