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#1 2016-12-09 22:12:31

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Random captures, Main Windows and settings questions

Fx 50.0.2, Windows 10 pro, EagleGetProtable_2.0.4.18

Eagleget randomly captures obscure items.  I visit a new site and the new download window spontaneously pops up, often with a .jpeg file or other files to download.

Ive tried to make adjustments in the settings.

-Please explain the difference between "automatically start downloading the following file types", and "sniffer the following media types".

-If I dont check the "download speed limit" box, will it automatically doenload at the highest speed?

-What does "disable pre downloads" do?

Also, sometimes when I initialize a download, both the Main interface and the new download windows pop up.  How can I permanently stop the main window from popping up unless I want it to?


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