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#1 2017-04-25 20:01:02

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Eagle get being unable to load .rar (archive files)

Great job to the eagle get team, you guys are great,

   Out of fraustration from other download manager app (i don't want to mention names) i tried eagle get about two years ago, and Bingo! i knew the app, the extention everything about it was different and great. i made sure every body arround me and in my environment tried out eagle get, and most of these people continues using eagle get till recently.    I don't know if to call it a bug but something is wrong with eagle get downloading .rar files. i saw my room mate using his browser daownoader to download .rar files soon after which he started using it to download other types of files. when i asked him he complained of not being able to use eagle get to download .rar files from cloud server websites such as (nitroflare).

      recently i have had this same problem. what happpens is this; when you click on download in your browser from these cloud service sites, eagle get  new download pops up as normal while expecting it to boot the size of the file  (whether large or not) and the file is a .rar file it will suddenly show unknown size, and when you click on ok, within a mili-second the tonesound and Bam!! download complete but when you open the file or check its proper ties it is not the right size and when opened the archive app displays that it is unknown format or damaged.
        Please you guys should work on this because arroungd her because of this, you guys are losing users, but i believe you can solve this problem.


#2 2017-04-26 17:31:16

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Re: Eagle get being unable to load .rar (archive files)

please add more information follow this thread.


#3 2017-09-16 23:50:32

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Re: Eagle get being unable to load .rar (archive files)

change your proxy type
drop down menu then hit "Get from IE"


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