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#1 2017-08-01 02:27:50

From: North Karachi, Pakistan
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There are a lots of bugs even after new updates.

Hello EagleGet,

First of all, I want to thank you for this great software. I personally refer this to my friends as the best alternative of IDM.

Dear EagleGet, Unfortunately, There are a lot of bugs in this software now.

1. The speed limiter is not working properly.
2. Any YouTube Video of 480p (After Downloaded with Eagleget) doesn't have sound.
3. It is not automatically updating (For example, I have the old version, I did 'Manual Update' after 'Updating' It is showing the same old version again and If I'm checking for new version again It is showing option for update again. Although, I just downloaded the newest version from the website and Manually Installed the Software and then It is updated fine.
4. It is not remembering the Last File Download Location (In the drop-down list) after a computer restart.
Example Image for Moderators
5. Also I need an option for "Turn Off Computer When Downloading Finished" because sometimes I download a big file and sleep at night so I want to Turn Off My Computer automatically.

Sorry for my bad English.


Regards, Ali Nadeem.

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