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#1 2017-11-11 13:22:54

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Bug reagarding Queue

I created a queue of files to download in Eagleget. As you may know that there is already a Default named queue under Queues tab. And you can see three buttons there saying Start, Pause and an upward arrow button. But none of them works. So to start my queue I pressed Start, nothing happened, so what I'm going to do with Pause button nothing. About the upward button it doesn't even fold the list.

SO after that I thought I'll just select all the downloads and hit the start button above. But no that's not possible either. I mean at least you guys could add an "Ctrl + A" option to select all. So at last I've to start each download one by one.

Couple of questions :-

After the downloads are in the list whether it's queue, processing or anything else. If I change the default download location after that will it affect the current downloads in list whether they're downloading or not.

I forgot the other one, I'll post it when I remember.


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