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#1 2013-05-13 12:58:24

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My flight with EagleGet: Impression, comment and problem

I have used FlashGet for a very long, long time. Combine with FlashGot, Flashget with Firefox is very powerful. The problem with latest version 3.7 of FlashGet is that it reset all my settings to default every two or three days. Some minor reset like destination and sorting is endurable, but hard reset that wipe out all download data and language setting is really, really bad. I have on my quest to find new download manager every month (when I ran out of endurance) and try many famous programs but have to go back to FlashGet. First, I can't find function I want from other downloader, second, most of them have ugly interface I don't want to see on my monitor!

This morning, yet another reset. I think of go back to classic and stable 1.9.6 but that will put update checker on alert for using ancient software. I go to Softpedia and found this little birdie, with good look interface unlike many famous freewares out there that have archaic UI. Download and test it, set this and that, install its add-on for my Firefox, and journey on to see if I can use this birdie for everyday download.

For most part, EagleGet is usable, yay! I disable FlashGot and use EagleGet add-on for right-click download and catch the video file on streaming site. While the category mode is not customizable at this time (I creat categoty for each destination in FlashGet, it is not all about file type so manaully set is necessary, those that go to main drive, those that go to libraries, etc.) I read that you plan to work on category customization soon so this is not a big problem, just remember that Document is not actually document!

And for the problems. First, I am paranoid net surfer with many add-on (all update to the latest version, I got upset when there is no update). With NoScript install, any forbid site will have little box on the top left corner with caption "<OBJECT>, eagleget@" follow with that page URL. Also, with script forbid, download button for video is misplace, and will stay like that even when I change to other tab. If I close it, it will not appear ever again for that video.


With this kind of problem, I'm not sure if no download button appear when I mouse over video is cause by my paranoid add-ons collection, unsupport web site, or button is misplace somewhere and I can't find it. Moreover, I prefer FlashGot method with it button at status bar to alert that it has detected viedo, and automatically link to all resolution available to download with linked download manager, which in may case, FlashGet.


Second fatal problem is that EagleGet add-on conflict with deviantART. I cannot open any overlay window like submit to group, llama trade, or view watchers. I think that dozens of my add-on may cause the conflict so I test this issue in add-on free Pale Moon and be able to reproduce the crisis. Because I breath as deviantART, I can't use EagleGet add-on at all! Below is screenshot that compaer deviantART with EagleGet add-on enable and disable.

screen3pl.th.jpg screen4dh.th.jpg

So I have come to the conclusion that, at this moment, EagleGet add-on for Firefox is unusable for me. I have tried to add EagleGet to FlashGot as custom download manager, but I can't manage to put in correct command line arguments template, and new download box will appear with empty URL and (1).htm as file name.

screen5cp.th.jpg screen6t.th.jpg

I hope I can find some way to use this amazing little birdie. I will have to stick with FlahGet for a while...

Thank you for your hard work!

P.S. I use latest Firefox 20.0.1 on Windows 7 (32-bit).

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#2 2013-05-14 14:23:35

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Re: My flight with EagleGet: Impression, comment and problem

Hi CoffeeCup,

Thank you for your nice opinions and suggestions! I will do my best to improve EagleGet, making it with more functions and better stability!


#3 2013-05-24 04:21:43

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Re: My flight with EagleGet: Impression, comment and problem

As 1.0.7 an its add-on still conflict with deviantART I cannot use EagleGet! Could you please create custom command line parameters as describe in http://flashgot.net/features#customdm so I can use EagleGet in Firefox with FlashGot? Thank you!

Oh, and I test chrome plug-in as well. Same problem with deviantART.


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