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#1 2014-08-10 05:09:26

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Issues: Tool to debug EagleGet problems

If you find EagleGet could not capture downloads or sniff videos on some websites, you could download this debugging tool and send us back the log file. We'll use the log file to improve EagleGet. Thanks.

1. Download EagleGet Checker and Logger: http://admin.eagleget.com/tmp/EGChecker.zip
2. Unpack EGChecker.zip and you'll find a file named logger.exe.
3. Run logger.exe as Administrator. Then open your browser and browse the website that EagleGet can't capture.
EagleGet Checker
4. The Logger will then generate two file for debugging in the Logger file location: capture.cap and check.log.
5. Close the logger.exe and Send the two files including the failed website to us: support@eagleget.com

Note: If there are passwords or other privacy information in the websites. You should delete the information from the two files.

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#2 2014-08-10 05:24:09

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Re: Issues: Tool to debug EagleGet problems

thanks EG smile


#3 2015-01-16 06:37:48

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Re: Issues: Tool to debug EagleGet problems

Getting 404 error while trying to download the debugger tool

Ques. What's faster than Light? Ans. EagleGet!


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