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#1 2015-02-26 12:24:18

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Log Tab Improvements and Bug

One of the major improvements that can be done is to show the details of each thread.

Although the connection count is shown as what has been set in the Configuration, certain sites allow only certain no: of threads to run concurrently. Yet, EagleGet shows it as 16 for me in the Log (which is what I've set in Preferences). For instance for this download, FDM set's the limit as 10, but EagleGet still shows 16: http://dl2.loilo.tv/GR/LoiLoGameRecorder1.1.0.1.exe


The log stays static and not dynamic. For IDA you can see information for each section

It's not possible to resize the log window. So it's not possible to see the data inside the log, unless you click inside and then use the keyboard->right arrow. Please make the Log window draggable.


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#2 2015-03-02 09:20:35

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Re: Log Tab Improvements and Bug

thanks jackuars. we will consider it how to redesign, thanks for your feedback.


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