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How to: Report Bugs in the Forum

The hardest part of solving a problem related to EagleGet is how the bugs can be reproduced. Posts like "EagleGet has stopped downloading" does nothing to help fixing the problem, unless the related bug has been well explained. The more detailed the bug has been reported, better is the chance of your problem getting solved. Here are some steps that you need to follow while reporting bugs in this forum.

1. The version number (also 32bit/64bit) of your Windows O.S , Web Browser and EagleGet.
2. Detailed steps to re-create the problem.
3. The URL of the file where you downloaded it from.
4. Screenshot and/or Video record of the problem. You can use Jing or IceCream Screen Recorder or ShareX for the same, if you want a dual screenshot/screencast software. I use ShareX for screenshot and Active Presenter for screencast/video recording, as they are the best in their respective fields.
5. Copy of Log report of the downloaded task.
6. Also check A tool to record failed capture or sniffer problems in EagleGet 2.0

EagleGet is a freeware. And we would keep it free in the future. However, we currently have very limited funds to put more effort and resource. We'll try our best to fix the found problems. Please be patient and understand us also. Thanks.


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