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#1 2015-12-21 12:13:19

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Eagleget and torrents?

I noticed that partial downloads have the EGT file extension at the end of their names, and I'm a person who usually download the contens from cyber lockers even though there is a torrent available somewhere for that same content so what if I download a part of a file using Eagleget and then resume using a torrent client, will that work I know that I have remove the EGT file extension at the end.
FILe1.mkv.EGT is the partial download complete size: 500 MB I downloaded only: 200 MB
there is a torrent named FILe1.mkv with the same file that I already download 200 MB of it, so can I use this torrent to complete the partial download of FILe1.mkv.EGT after removing the EGT file extension which means it become FILe1.mkv
Thank you and have a nice day


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