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#1 2016-01-10 16:52:34

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Eagleget v2.0.4.7 - Traditional Chinese Translation

Thank you for updating this new version
I have translated the .xml language file and I've sent it to the following e-mail (support@eagleget.com)
Please reply it if you have got the translation. Otherwise I'll resend it.

Didn't understand well about the new function added:

The universal capture mode through Win+Insert hotkey.

So the translation about this line may be incorrected or uncleared.


  • Texts translated not updated.

Thank you for using my translation for EagleGet.
If you find out any problem about this translation please ask.

Could someone explain me how to use the function mentioned above and the function of CTRL+ALT key to stop monitoring? (I've tried clicking both buttom but it still monitoring my browser)
Thank you

Don't know if you need the changelog (update list) translted too? (When you could upgrade to a newer version, it shows a "What's new in version vX.X.X.X Stable?"
Just in case when people not familiar with English could understand why they need upgrade (for a improved, bug fixed version)


What's new in version v2.0.4.7 Stable?
  1. Added support for Microsoft Edge.
  2. Added support for detecting and downloading m3u8 files.
  3. Improved the adaptation of high DPI display. (Original word is adaption, don't know if it's mispelled)
  4. Improved the ability to detect and download web videos.
  5. Fixed corrupted downloads from some websites.
  6. Fixed other bugs.

穩定版 v2.0.4.7 有什麼更新呢?
  1. 新增對 Microsoft Edge 的支援。
  2. 新增對 m3u8 檔案的偵測以及下載。
  3. 改進對高 DPI 顯示器的調整。
  4. 改進偵測以及下載網頁影片的功能。
  5. 修正在某些網站下載的檔案損毀問題。
  6. 修正其他錯誤。

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