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#1 2016-01-29 01:11:56

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1- multi selecting is not working correctly on  version
multi selection working it self but when you want to move some tasks to other queues just the task that you selected only moves.also right click(context menu) working just working on 1 download task not multi

2- left menu :
the last item hides when items available in right menu are more than app size and it's not scrollabe.

3-on crashes download tasks disappears and you just can re import all of "EGT" files ONE BY ONE not multi import method!!! very unstable database!!!

4-importing "EGT" files does not support muti-selection.

5-sometimes when you want to import "EGT" files nothing happens and it doesn't import tasks.

6-very unstable UI.

7-support shutdown on task completion but doesn't support shutdown on stop time.

8-Doesn't support wake on download starts.

9-No web site grabbing tool feature found.

10-Import from IDM is highly needed

11-app breaks when you want to move many tasks to other queues.

excuse me for my poor English and a big thank to Egleget for it free service

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