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#1 2016-02-02 03:00:10

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MEGA downloads on EagleGet?

Hi guys, my first post on this site. I would just like to thank EagleGet for this amazing product.

Okay, so I was wondering if there was a way to download from MEGA.NZ using EG and how I would go about doing this, of course, if there actually is a way.

I'm download a big file (29GB) and MEGA.NZ is downloading at around 1.9 MB/s which takes around 4 hours. I know for sure that EG would be doing 3+MB/s almost halving that download time so as you can guess it would be a huge help if anyone could tell me how, if there is a way.

Thanks, hope to hear from someone soon,



#2 2016-02-02 06:43:40

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Re: MEGA downloads on EagleGet?

+1. Its really annoying to download from mega especially large files.
Twaha, for now you can use MegaDownloader
Really nice application, its portable so you don't have to install it just run. Open the program, copy the mega url and it'll capture.
Mega is becoming more and more famous everyday so hopefully EG can add the support soon.


#3 2016-04-26 16:49:44

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Re: MEGA downloads on EagleGet?

you have mega sync, mega's totally original download manager. the main focus of the program is to sync files btw your computer and the could, but it let's you download files too! why using a fake program like mega downloader when you can have the original?? just go to mega.nz and at the right, click menu > apps > sync client. download, install and than, with mega sync running go to the download page and click "download using mega sync (or something like that, it's the red button)".

also, mega is fighting against the maker of mega downloader because it violates mega's terms of service, or that's at least what I heard.


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