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#1 2016-05-10 07:37:17

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User Interface (UI) Suggestions

All your suggestions for UI changes/modifications can be made here along with some mock-up’s if you do have.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit, Chrome and EagleGet latest version always big_smile


#2 2016-05-15 17:02:07

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Re: User Interface (UI) Suggestions

EagleGet's UI is already Simple and Awesome , Adding Some Material Design Might be a Good Idea smile .


#3 2016-07-22 08:10:25

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Re: User Interface (UI) Suggestions

I frequently need to use "After completing all transfer [Shutdown]" feature. But I have to turn if on and of almost everyday and going to Configuration>automation every time is boring and irritating. If you bring that option outside it would really help. Also many user don't look at the complete configuration functions, they just check what they need. It took me couple of months just to suddenly discover that eagleget has this great feature. I think many users don't even know this function exists in eagleget. It'll benefit everyone.


#4 2017-04-11 09:55:41

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Re: User Interface (UI) Suggestions

I frequently use the "download all links" function (for example to download all zip from acer, asus driver pages), but the window is not resizable and I can't select multiple files using CTRL + click or SHIFT + click, this is very annoying when I need to select 20 or 30 files.


#5 2017-05-15 15:12:18

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Re: User Interface (UI) Suggestions

eagleget is a good software to download files or streaming vidoes from internet but still lacks file management feature. i like eagleget UI but it lack of some features and needs improvements
1. please add drag & drop support to the completed download so that user can manage downloaded files easier. many download manager have this feature, so if possible please add it to eagleget.
2. please add sorting by "queue" in the processing list. whenever i download multiple files, eagleget always put new download on top. it's not good, and i can't sort by "date" either (it's grayed out). i have to rearrange the queue manually whenever i choose download manually or queues. it should be "first in first out" not "first in last out" like stacks so that i can watch tv series from episode 1 to 12 for example, not waiting episode 1 downloaded after the other 11 episodes downloaded. of course i can rearrange the download queue manually but it's inconvenient especially if i have more than 20 episodes in the queue.
3. please add referrer and description field to the download info and option for user to add or edit referrer or description field manually. this feature is useful when downloading files from file hosting sites. when the download expired, eagleget failed to refresh the address because it only capture the link to the file and the server doesn't allow direct download. it would be great if eagleget can add the referrer automatically like "that famous download manager". it has this feature, in case if it failed to add link to the page that this file obtained user can add it manually in referrer or in description field.  the description field is also useful to add note to the download info. whit this feature, user can add note like archive password of downloaded file to the download info so that we don't need to write note of the password somewhere else.

thanks for developing this great free download manager. i hope eagleget will get better in the future updates. sorry for my bad english, i'm not native english speaker smile


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