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#1 2017-08-03 03:55:57

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Speed limit for single task

I think it will be easier for me to limit the download speed for single task in the main interface.
Of course there is a global speed limit I can use, but sometimes you need to download all the things but have to ensure someone have higher priority.
Moreover, even the global speed limit can be improved by adding several default speed like 200KB/s, 500KB/s, 1000KB/s, 2000KB/s ... And also, the limited speed should have a chance to be set customized. For example, the bandwidth is 20Mbps, if I want to have a smooth web surf experience, I want to set a 1500KB/s download speed limit. And I shall need this limit almost every time.
Hope you can add this new feature.
Thanks for all your work to bring me this extraordinary software, for free.


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