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#1 2018-02-04 17:40:16

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Shortcuts for categorizes-function

Just found EagleGet and it provides almost all I need, but there's one thing that I just cannot find any similar programs using. Some of you probably know that right clicking and pressing "d" an image, or other file you want to download will pop out the "new download" session, and then pressing "space" will start the download with your current settings.

Cool huh, since you can categorize by image types, you can download for example pictures off an imageboard quickly with just 2 button presses! This is good and all, and the reason why I use this program, but could it be better? Yes! If you want to categorize images more, type A to folder A, type B to folder B, and sure you can create a category for different types to specific locations, but what it lacks is: You have to change the category by mouse(you can't even tab-change it), every single time, unless you change your whole settings.

So, how could we make it better?
It's really simple! You could set a "tag" or "numeration" to specific category which would function as a shortcut, just like the "d" and "space".

Something like this, as an example, but how it would work is: I right click image, press "d", then "1" and then "space". Done, image downloaded to your specific folder as fast as lightning, instead of going to the main folder that has all ".jpg" types. I've tried so many programs, and there might be one having this but so far no good. This is something I would pay for.


#2 2018-02-05 05:38:49

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Re: Shortcuts for categorizes-function

A very good idea indeed. Let's see the developer's take on this.

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