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#1 2019-04-06 08:06:28

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How to transfer Incomplete files to Eagleget ?

For Example:

this is 6% downloaded file in Free Download Manager (FDM), file downloaded with extension .fdm  as eagleget download files with .eg extension,

both .fdm and .eg  incomplete files can be resume and downloaded with any torrent client, if same is available any torrent tracker/site,

the problem is: if i have download 10/20/50% file downloaded via Free Download Manager, but now if i want to download with eagleget, how can i complete the incomplete downloaded file with eagleget, i know i can change the extension .fdm to .eg , but problem is when i try to use the link in eagleget, it try to download a new file  or verwrite it but it donot resumes like any torrent client like utorrent can..

is there any tutorial or suggestion to download file with eagleget without starting from 0% ?

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#2 2019-04-09 04:57:34

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Re: How to transfer Incomplete files to Eagleget ?

EagleGet can import incomplete downloaded files from .txt, .eg and .egt files. You can try exporting the files from FDM in .txt format and importing .txt to Eagleget.

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