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#1 2019-05-04 19:45:39

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Luminati still running on Eagleget v2.0.5.20

Bug/Issue on:

  • Eagleget v2.0.5.20

  • Windows 10 Pro v1809 b17763.475

I was using Eagleget v2.0.5.10 (with the option "ADS (Do not use my resources)"),
then read about the new update which fix the slow download speed,
so I updated to v2.0.5.20.

But the problem starts here, after updating (while in the update there was no screen of choosing to use "Use my resources" or "Do not use my resouces" option),
even the download speed improved a little, there was still weird with the download speed.

So I checked on Task Manager, and found that a process "Luminati SDK Updater" was running,
even after stopped, it would appear after a while.
Changing option in the menu - Share VPN to "ADS (Do not use my resources)" still doesn't work (the same problem appears)

Is there any workaround to this?

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