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#1 2020-02-05 10:25:33

Registered: 2017-03-24
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Problem downloading youtube videos

Whenever I try to download a youtube music video, the file formats shown is always a single VIDEO/MP4 that is only 1MB in size, and a whole bunch of tiny VIDEO/WEBM files, or they're all VIDEO/MP4, but all the files are tiny in size, the largest being just 2MB. If I click on any of these files, it tries to download an HTML, and not the video.

Other video sites are working fine.


#2 2020-02-25 11:32:11

Registered: 2013-08-03
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Re: Problem downloading youtube videos

For Youtube try the Media grabber of Eagleget

Ques. What's faster than Light? Ans. EagleGet!


#3 2020-04-03 15:14:29

Registered: 2014-02-15
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Re: Problem downloading youtube videos

Same problem here.

YouTube downloads stopped working with Media Grabber for many month in my case.

The download button in Firefox or Google Chrome works on other video sites, but not on YouTube.


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