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#1 2020-03-16 12:21:28

Registered: 2013-09-22
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Eagleget downloader is dead...

Dear beneficiary of eagleget

It is very hard to take a decision to stop the development of eagleget from now. As far as the current versions works kindly check and use for your own risk. Due to no development in eagleget it added another chapter in free downloader like flashget, orbit download etc.

For me stating this is very hard but unfortunately eagleget project is dead. Extremely sorry for the inconvenience...

Thanks for your support all these years.


#2 2020-04-03 08:17:33

Registered: 2013-08-03
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Re: Eagleget downloader is dead...

Hi, wasn't there an update on Mar 18th? I'm confused, but I just wanted to know if you speak for the Eagleget team?

Any release notes for v2.1.6.50?

Ques. What's faster than Light? Ans. EagleGet!


#3 2020-04-27 20:05:36

Registered: 2016-12-16
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Re: Eagleget downloader is dead...

Why not release the source code somewhere like github?
With that someone will probably create a fork and continue to be developed by the community users.
Stopping a software development without share the source code to keep it updated by someone else is a real shame.


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