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#1 2020-10-09 08:40:28

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Speedget downloader for files and videos (youtube etc)

dear users

kindly download and use speedget portable from below link

Speedget portable Beta
1. Written in java so multi os supported.
2. Download files from http, https, ftp, dash and hls.
3. youtube-dl support to decrypt video services.
4. simple UI, lite and user friendly
5. virus, malware and other PUP free (however i can't say about ffmpeg or youtube-dl).

1. No browser integration (to develop it require atleast 5 USD for browser extension and i don't have that yet so please donot ask me about browser extension, may be unofficial in near future).
2. this is beta may contains bugs  please report bug in the feedback email from about menu.

thanking you


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